Samuari Armor


Dō – Chest armor. Usually a tunic of laminated armor plates. Protects the chest and back, and oftentimes the legs via hanging kusazuri.

Haidate – Thigh armor. An armored apron donned at the waist and draping down to the knee.

Hoate – A half-mask of porcelain or shaped metal that covers the lower half of the face. Hooks into the kabuto which holds it in place. Often bearing a grimace or other intimidating features.

Kabuto – An armored great-helm, perhaps the most iconic piece of a samurai’s armor. Made from tightlyriveted plates of wrought iron or bronze. Usually, these helmets are adorned with decorative crests known as datemono.

Kiahan – Padded shin coverings. Made of thick cloth, these are worn under the samurai’s shin armor.

Kogake – Armored foot coverings. Essentially just tabi (socks) with small copper or iron plates sewn into the fabric.

Kote – Armored sleeves that protect the arms.

Kusazuri – Flexible plates of armor that hang from the belt of the dō. Usually there are three, one hanging from the back and one from either side.

Mempo – A full mask that covers the entire face. Made of shaped metal, or less commonly of porcelain. Often painted or sculpted to resemble a demonic face.

Mengu – Armor for the face. Usually either hoate or a mempo.

Nodowa – An armored collar worn around the neck. Usually, this is a strap of thick cloth that is tied in the back, with short versions of kusazuri that hang over the collarbone when worn.

Sangu – The collective components of armor that protect the extremities. Composed of Kote, Suneate, and Haidate.

Sode – Large, rectangular plates of lamellar armor made from copper, bronze, iron, or rarely
from laminated wood. Worn on the upper arm for protecting the shoulder. Often painted or decorated. One of the most iconic parts of a samurai’s armor.

Suneate – Armor for the shins and knee. Worn over the Kiahan.

Tekko – Armored bracer-gauntlets. Shaped to protect the hands, but without finger-protection so as to allow for drawing a bow or handling a katana. Sometimes physically attached to the kote.

Samuari Armor

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