House Rules

Mass Battle Rules

Indepth Insight

Rank 1 skills do not contribute towards insight rating. Once a skill is raised to level 2, it contributes it’s full value to insight rating.

The “Thug” Rule

One of the characteristics of cinematic action, both Asian and Western, is the ability of heroes to slaughter their way through vast hordes of faceless, anonymous minions.

To represent this a character may destroy multiple opponents in a single strike so long as they are using a medium or larger weapon they are proficient with:

  • Untrained Combatants (Peasant Conscripts) – Two killed per attack. Two additional killed per raise.
  • Trained Combatants (Ashigaru) – One killed per attack. One additional killed per raise.
  • Veterans (Rida or most Samurai) – Attacked as normal.

House Rules

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