Families of the Lion Clan

The lords of the Lion Clan, the Akodo are the unquestioned masters of battle throughout the Empire. It is said that no army led by an Akodo has ever known defeat, and while this
is something of an exaggeration, it is not all that far from the truth. Akodo samurai tend to be calm and analytical, and often lack the fiery nature for which the Lion are so well known.

The voice of the Lion Clan, the Ikoma speak on behalf of the Clan in court and in the annals of history. The family provides not only the majority of the clan’s courtiers, but virtually all of its historians and storytellers as well, studies that the Clan considers extremely important. For every stoic Lion who refuses to allow emotion to affect him, there is an Ikoma bard
who weeps openly when he tells the samurai’s story to others.

Quiet and reserved, the Kitsu are the most traditional and conservative, some might say old-fashioned, shugenja family in the Empire. Descended from the union of men and the ancient kitsu creatures that were driven nearly to extinction by the Lion during the dawn of the Empire, the Kitsu possess several bloodlines with strange, otherworldly abilities, such as the ability to walk between the mortal world and the spirit realms.

The Matsu are the largest family in the Empire, and they are the reason for the image many have of the vast legions of the Lion Clan. They are also the source of the tempestuous stereotype for the Lion, and it is largely correct; the Matsu are fiery in nature, quick to anger, and eager for battle at all times. They were founded by a female warrior, Matsu, and have a famous all-female military unit, the Lion’s Pride.

Families of the Lion Clan

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